🧑‍💻 My adventures in software

I’ve designed and implemented lots of software. It's a genuine passion.

One of the coolest things I've been a part of is the GitHub code vault logo GitHub Arctic Code Vault (pun intended!). This means my open source contributions and complete original repositories are stashed away on hardened film in a decommissioned coal mine deep beneath an Arctic mountain in Svalbard, Norway. An amazing project and worth reading about.

I've listed some of the software I've created below. Where possible I've included links, mostly to open source repositories.

  • Gotham Web Framework Logo

    Gotham Web Framework

    Gotham is a web framework, written in Rust, that promotes stability, safety, security, and speed.


  • Identity Translation Platform Logo

    Identity Translation Platform

    A secure, high performance translation platform for authentication tokens and digital identity claims, written in Rust. For example the platform can translate OpenID Connect requests into SAML requests and the resultant SAML responses into OpenID Connect responses.

  • Stratus Logo


    Spin up multiple Linux nodes via VirtualBox and Kickstart for developers working from OSX.


  • Cart Convert Logo

    Cart Convert

    An exploration of using a purely functional approach to software development in Ruby. Emulated all shopping cart functions found in modern e-commerce. Excellent results and considered using as startup basis but ultimately moved on.

  • Enterprise Sign On Engine Logo

    Enterprise Sign On Engine

    The Enterprise Sign On Engine (ESOE) is a standards-based, open source, enterprise identity management system that provides a single sign-on solution using SAML and centralised access policy management using XACML for web applications. Written in Java.


  • Nimble Logo


    An extensive application base for Grails web applications.


  • Federation Registry Logo

    Federation Registry

    Federation Registry provides an extensible, open web application that provides a central point of registration, management and reporting for identity and service providers participating in a standards compliant SAML 2 identity federation. Utilised by Higher Education identity federations globally. Written in Java/Groovy.


  • SAML Service Logo

    SAML Service

    Service responsible for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) validation and data storage, metadata generation over multiple streams and inter-federation connectivity with eduGAIN. Written in Ruby.


  • Random Experiments Logo

    Random Experiments

    I enjoy writing code in different languages to learn about new paradigms in about software. I've created, small, non-commercial projects in:

    • Haskell
    • Elixir
    • Kotlin and;
    • Swift

    and many years ago:

    • C
    • C++
    • Pascal and;
    • Applesoft BASIC (!)